Certified Psychic You Can Count On

I have had psychic abilities all my life. On one side of my family, there were midwives and natural healers, and on the other side were Native American Medicine women, so there was really no getting around it.

I can still remember being in my crib and seeing Guides, Teachers, Elementals, and even earthbound spirits coming to talk or play with me. At two or three years old, I did not know that other people could not see the colors and wavy energy around everything, they did not have dreams that came true, could not hear other people’s thoughts, and did not know how to fly.

At three years old is when I started working with stones being taught by my great-godfather and by my Ascended Masters. At four, I started scouring the libraries and try to find anything I could about what I was seeing, hearing, and feeling, but in the 60′s and early 70′s information was pretty scarce. We moved around a lot which made formal training harder, even so, the Divine sent Teachers my way including Human, Angelic, Ascended Masters, and Starborns. Books would literally fall off racks and hit me in the head in bookstores. I tried to hide these abilities but the more I tried the more they bubbled out, needless to say that my teen years were less than ideal.

When I was about 17 years old, an FBI official heard that I had certain “abilities” and asked me to work with them, especially in the dream area. They trained me to be able to direct my dreams and see details so they would be able to use these specifics to find clues and proof. This work was very scary, and I insisted on doing it anonymously and without any payment. During my college years, I did some training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and continued to study with my Teachers and Guides and others that were thrown into my path. I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and learned acupressure massage and Reiki master.

While raising my children, I kept a fairly low profile with my abilities (still the old trying-to-fit-in thing). But I was still on my learning path again with the Divine will leading me to the right teachers (both in the spirit realm or physical) or the right books and resources. I graduated from all of my certificate training courses with Sonia Choquette!

In 1994, I started doing several craft shows each year where I would sell crystals, stones, fossils specimens, items, and jewelry made from stones. During these shows, I did hundreds of readings for whoever asked and my Guides lead me to, and I must say that after each weekend, I felt GREAT! During these times, I could just feel the Divine Spirit flowing out from me, and this taught me that this is the way we should be living all the time! The miraculous things that happened! This is possible, not just for bits and pieces of time but for all time. It is my goal in life to live from this point forward totally in the Divine light and to help as many others that I can achieve this goal as well, for each of us, our children, our planet, and our Universe!

Divine love and blessings to All!