Discover How To Step Into Your Truest, Authentic Life

I want you to know that before the reading has even taken place, we are working in a safe and protected environment. I will only work with the Divine Powers of Light and Love including Angels, Guides, Guardians, and Helpers with the highest vibrational level and most pure of good intentions.

I can do readings over the phone, face time, or zoom. We will connect at the prearranged time. I do not record the reading but you can on your end with a speakerphone or a tape recorder. We will introduce ourselves and get started.

The first items that usually come through your aura and energy are the things that are blocking you from becoming the best that you can be. They can be items from your present, your past, or even from your past lifetimes. These usually have to do with the life lessons that your soul is supposed to be learning. This is where the Angels and Guides usually chime in with helpful hints and suggestions to start tearing down these walls that are keeping you in your rut or draining your energies away.

Next, the possibilities start to flow. How to take care of your soul, your Higher Self. What are your life lessons? What are your creative strengths? What is the right life pathway for you in jobs, relationships, health matters, etc.? What areas do you need to work on? I honestly believe that we have limitless possibilities available to us if we are able to connect with our Higher Selves and live through our hearts, instead of our ego-based selves. So, when I do the reading, I am shown the path that you are currently on and where that will lead; but the Guides always provide many possibilities that are completely achievable. The future is not yet written and each of us has free will and the ability to decide which future pathway we travel.

If you have specific questions, this is usually the best time to ask them. If there is something that you really want to concentrate on, it is a good idea to write it down ahead of time. Doing this will get your Guides working on them before the reading and allow the best possibilities to come through.

Everyone has a vast array of Angels. Guardians, Guides, Teachers, and Helpers are available to them at all times. Different Guides will work with you at different times because a lot of the Guides are specialists. You would not ask a financial specialist to help you with a health-related problem; it is the same with your Guides. During the reading, one or more of your Angels, Guardians, or Spirit Guides will probably come forward to be introduced or acknowledged. These Guides want you to work with them on a regular basis, otherwise, they are just hanging around waiting to be called on. They help you because this is their service to the Creator. They are trying to progress on their own Spirit paths, and this is how they do it. Let them!